Initial Consultation ($120)

Includes comprehensive review and assessment of client history, lifestyle and medications, first set of goals are set, plan of action set, exercise/activity goal set (if applicable).

Follow Up Consultations ($65)

Assessment/evaluation of client progress using food records assessment, re-directions of plan if necessary, ensure goals are being met.

Maintenance Consultations ($35)

After 3 follow up consultations, client may want to do periodic assessments of status, fine tuning of program.

Additional Services Offered

Metabolic Testing ($75)

In 15 minutes we can tell you how many calories you burn at rest. This information can then be used with our programs to customize your specific calorie level or your meal plans.

Diabetes Management Workshop ($5.00 per class)

This 4 part series will cover everything you need to know to manage your diabetes. Include it to complement your 1:1 nutrition consults. You will learn from yourself and from others. Ask us now for specific details.